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Welcome to Cheap Beds UK in Huddersfield

Welcome to Cheap Beds UKs Online Beds & Mattress Shop. We have huge range of Single, Small Single, Double, Small Double, King size and Super King size beds and mattresses for sale at discount prices. We also have huge stock of bunk beds, Ottoman Beds, Velvet, Wooden and Fabric Beds in variety of colours, shapes and sizes. At Cheap Beds Huddersfield you can choose Online from variety of Bed Frames, Headboards & Mattresses and We provide free delivery to Huddersfield and UKs mainlands. Please check your area before proceeding to buy and from your postcode calculation, our online software will calculate and display price on screen for you. Most of the UK mainlands are free of charge delivery.

Mattresses For Sale

We offer three main type of mattresses for sale. Most popular type of mattress is Pocket sprung mattress due to its low cost, durability and performance. Most of the people using this type of mattress.

The second type is Memory Foam mattress. Some people prefer and feel comfortable using Memory Foam Mattresses. It is slightly expensive than other mattress. It moulds to your shape
and keeps your body warm.

Third type is Open Coil which is less costly. However moving on the bed can disturb your partners sleep as springs are attached as one unit.

Memory Foam
At Cheap Beds UK we have different range of quality single, small single, double, small double king size & super king size memory foam mattresses at the UKs lowest prices.
Many people like the memory foam mattress which gives all over support and comfort. We also have memory foam mattresses that moulds itself to the body to help you sleep in comfort.
High density memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to a warm body in a few minutes. Memory foam also helpful for patients where they required to lie immobile in their bed on a firm mattress for a period of time. The pressure on some of their body regions weak the blood flow to the region, causing pressure sores. By using memory foam mattress, it can reduced such pressure sores.
The Memory Foams most common domestic uses are mattresses, pillows, Jackets & blankets.